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Patient Experience Summit Psoriasis A Global Health Issue

24 OCTOBER 2020

What PEX Summit Is All About

Turkish Psoriasis Patients Solidarity Association organized the International Psoriasis and Arthritis Quality of Life Conference on the theme of Ways to Increase the Quality of Life for Psoriasis Patients on 24 October 2020, on the online platform due to the pandemic conditions.


In this event, which was held with the participation of IFPA member countries, patient associations and experts in the field, the effects of psoriasis on the quality of life of the individual and, in a sense, the psychosocial burden of psoriasis on the individual were revealed.


The event also focused on how these effects can be improved and how psoriasis patients can improve their quality of life both in their social life and in their treatment processes, in the context of health communication, patient rights and health law.

Keynote Speaker

The 3rd International Psoriasis and Arthritis Quality of Life Video Conference brings together international expert speakers, especially International Federation of Psoriasis Associations ( IFPA), experienced in psoriasis.

Keynote Speaker
Silvia Fernandez Barrio.jpg

Silvia Fernandez Barrio


IFPA (International Federation of Psoriasis Associations) 



Introduction speech

Association President Mustafa Yıldırım



Health Communication and Its Effect on Quality of Life



Health Promotion

Prof. Dr. Can Bilgili


Health Communications

Assoc. Dr. Deniz Sezgin


Patient Quality of Life

Prof. Dr. Tülay Ortabağ


11.30 - 11.45 Call



Ways to Improve the Quality of Life in Social Life



Social Environment and Family Relations, Social Acceptance

Sertan Tirkayi


Psychosocial Burden of Psoriasis, Adaptation to Social Life

Prof. Dr. Ilknur Altunay


Patient Rights and Health Law

Assoc. Dr. Gurkan Sert


13.45 - 14.00 Lunch Break



Ways to Improve the Quality of Life in Treatment



Psoriasis and Metabolic Syndrome

Assoc. Dr. Ece Harman


Who Should Consider Psoriasis and Arthritis?

Prof. Dr. Ismail Sari


The Effect of Targeted Phototherapy on Quality of Life

Serafettin Saracoglu

15.30 - 15.45 Call



Opinions of Patient Associations


15.45 - 17.15

Views of IFPA Member Countries

Silvia Fernandez Barrio: ARGENTINA

"AERSO's Activities Related to Psoriasis"


Hand Baby Rose Baby Association - İlknur Okay:

"I Was Born Premature, How Will My Future Be?"


Parkinson Patients Association - Gülnur Uğurlu Kelçe:

'' Vital, Physical and Psychological Distress in Parkinson's Disease ''


Inflammatory Bowel Patients Solidarity and Solidarity Association - Ercan Zorlu:

Patient Rights in Health (In Autoimnum Diseases)


Psoriasis Patients Solidarity Association - Birsen Ablak:

"Approaches of Psoriasis Patients to Disease"



Closing Speech

Association President Mustafa Yıldırım


Advisory and Organizing Committee
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