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PEXS 2017

Founded in 2010, Turkey Psoriasis Patient Solidarity Association held a summit which titled “Patient Experience Summit 2017: Psoriasis as a Global Health Problem” in order to raise awareness in society about the fundamental problems of their patients of Psoriasis and Psoriasis Arthritis.Universal summit involving international participants, was held for the first time in Turkey.


The opening speech of the summit was made by Mr. Lars Ettarp, President of IFPA (International Federation of Psoriasis Association), where all psoriasis organizations in the world are members.In his opening speech, Lars Ettarp touched upon the conferences organized by IFPA.Ettarp also said that researchers emphasized that psoriasis is not a contagious disease but a system disorder at the conference held in 2009.Lars Ettarp also expressed IFPA's mission to provide information flow for patients, patient caregivers and patient associations.


Ettarp said that they are close contact with the elbow not only with medical associations, but also with disability associations. He expressed that Psoriasis includes a certain level of disability.  He  remarked that they decided to celebrate October 29 as World Psoriasis Day every year in order to highlight the sharing of information.

Saying that there is a lot of false information about Psoriasis, Ettarp said that Psoriasis patients are excluded from social life just because of this incorrect information.


Ettarp said that Psoriasis is a chronic, non-communicable disease. Ettarp finished his speech with the words that they have an effort to raise public awareness about psoriasis, to inform policy makers and individuals, and to defend patients' rights. In addition, he emphasised the World Health Organization's web site, they want to publish information about Psoriasis. 


One of the international speakers, Prof.Dr. Dr. Leon Kircik made a speech about new treatment methods for psoriasis via video conference. At the summit, Mr. Paul Mendoza, President of Asia Pacific Organization, spoke about the PsorCoach program, the coaching program for patients, and the importance of communication with the patient. Professor at the University of Guglielmo Marconi in Rome. Dr. Serena Gianfaldoni highlighted the latest studies and research in the field of dermatology in Italy, while Mrs. Kathryn Andrews Clay, as a Canadian representative of an association, gave information about her association's recent work in Canada.


Head of Employee Health and Safety Department Ahmet Özlü, underlined that workplaces should be transformed into a strong family structure and the importance of this for the sick employee at the summit.


In his speech titled “Every Employee is a World" Özlü said that a manager should take all kinds of physical, mental and psychological precautions for a sick employee and if these measures are taken, the adverse effects experienced by the patients are greatly reduced. He also stated that such special studies should be carried out in order to discover the potential of each individual and to demonstrate its efficiency.


  1. Psoriasis awareness and World Psoriasis Day (29 October)

  2. Psoriasisin the world and the incidence and severity in Turkey

  3. Psoriasis and cardiovascular diseases (high blood pressure, heart diseases, incidence, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, etc.)

  4. Psoriasis and obesity, diabetes, metabolic syndrome (incidence, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment, etc.)

  5. Invisible side of Psoriasis: Psoriasis Arthritis (incidence, symptoms, diagnosis, which doctorshould go to? Existing treatments and new treatment methods

  6. Turkish Culture and Psoriasis (Experiences in Southeastern Anatolia and different places, dynamics)

  7. Clinical management of Psoriasis and difficulties (Psoriasis polyclinics, access to new treatments, prescription contribution etc.)

  8. Existing treatments and new treatment methods in Psoriasis

  9. Social and psychological effects of Psoriasis

  10. Socio-economic burden of Psoriasis and social rights (job loss, disability, retirement, etc.)

  11. Misunderstood facts about Psoriasis (Alternative, herbal treatments, contagiousness, stigmatization, etc.)

  12. Psoriasis from the eyes of the patient (the helplessness experienced by the patients, expectations from doctors, patientrelatives, the Ministry of Health and Social Security Institution)

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